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Going out to eat today is more expensive than in decades past. To help cost savvy people save money our website collects coupons in order to help you save money when ordering takeout online. Many companies issue coupon codes to help consumers to save money. Our website has an extensive list of codes for stores like SUBWAY.

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This list was last updated on September 10, 2013.

SUBWAY offers many coupon codes with the purpose of helping you save money. Bookmarking one website that has every coupon code you need to save time and money is better than waiting for the coupons common in the Sunday paper. A few coupon codes are offered more often than others, meaning you can save on regular items almost on a daily basis and other items depending on the season. At present some coupons seem to be more common than others. For example, often there will be coupons for a free cookie or drink.

Other SUBWAY coupon codes include:

  • Free 6″ Sub sandwich
  • Contest entries
  • Catering discounts
  • Holiday promotions

Using a SUBWAY coupon is a little different from the typical online coupon code. Instead of using a coupon code at checkout from the website, you have the option of using a printable coupon, which is then presented at time of payment at the location nearest to you. In other words, you make your order as normal from the items available on the company’s website and use available coupons to save money on your purchase.

The quick reference guide below will walk you systematically through the process of ordering your meal on the SUBWAY website.

  • Type “”
  • Click order online – SUBWAY Express
  • Choose your state
  • Click “order” next to the location nearest to you
  • Customize your order
  • Submit your order

Before continuing let me warn you about some of the pitfalls connected to using online coupon codes. Typically, the average consumer shops for the desired item, does a Google search or search engine comparison while on the hunt for coupon code. As you can see, not only is this process hit and miss, but also tends to be long and tedious. Additionally, using a trial and error method will result in more errors leading to consumers making the purchase with using a coupon or canceling the transaction out of frustration. There are millions of websites online claiming to have the best coupon codes but for the most part fall short. A sign of a coupon website that is too good to be true is one charging a fee for what reputable websites offer freely.

Because you have the options of using your coupon code on the SUBWAY website as well as printing the coupon off to use in a store, a word of caution when it comes to printable coupons. Normally, you just print your coupon directly from your web browser using your home computer. There are unscrupulous websites, which require users to install third-party software to print a coupon. Typically, this method is safe, but there is a chance you can infect your computer with a virus, therefore is not a recommended option.

Signing up for the company newsletter is another way to get coupons. Signing up for the “Freshbuzz” newsletter requires only your name, email address, birthdate, and cell phone number. The mobile option offers yet another way for you to receive coupons usable online or in person. When taking advantage of email offer make sure you check your SPAM folder to avoid missing any savings.

Making use of these tips can help save you some money on your shopping needs.